Improve Your English – Advanced Reading Comprehension – Sustainable Fashion

  Improve your English: Advanced English reading comprehension, true and false questions, vocabulary match Sustainable Fashion: Time to act responsibly. […]

easy English listening for beginner learners - Pinocchio

Easy English Listening Practice and Quiz – Pinocchio (1)

  Easy listening exercise for beginners Pinocchio Description: This is an easy English listening comprehension/ fill in the blanks exercise, […]

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Improve your english wiith advanced English Listening Exercises

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Exercise and Quiz – The Human Mind – Vision and Hearing


Intermediate English Listening Practice - A Pirate's Treasure Found

Intermediate English Listening Practice – Pirate’s Treasure Found in Madagascar

  Intermediate English Listening Practice Captain Kidd’s Treasure Found Explorers say they have __________ treasure that belongs to the 17th […]

Easy English Listening Exercise - Turtle Cause fire

Easy English Listening Exercise – Turtles Cause Fire in a House in Australia

Easy English Listening and Quiz – Turtles Cause Fire in a House A pair of turtles caused a ________ in […]

easy English -listening, vocab and easy English quiz for beginners

Easy English Listening Fill in The Blanks and Test – a Dog That Walks Backwards

1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks: Reporter: What’s a dog to do when he’s scared to […]

advanced english listening and quiz for advanced speakers

Advanced English Listening Comprehension – Life is easy

Advanced English Listening, Fill in the Blanks, and Test Please note, because the speaker is non-native, you might notice mistakes […]

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Test – A Bird Sings With It’s Wings

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Test The Club-winged manakin – a bird that sings with it’s wings? The following audio file […]