Intermediate English Listening Practice - A Pirate's Treasure Found

Intermediate English Listening Practice - A Pirate's Treasure Found


  • Instructions
  • Copy the text below and paste it in a text-editing program (Microsoft Word/ Open office, etc.).
  • Play the audio and fill in the blanks in the text you have pasted in the text-editing program.
  • Answer the questions in the test below.
  • Download the Answer Sheet (Quiz questions included.)

Intermediate English Listening Practice

Captain Kidd’s Treasure Found

Explorers say they have __________ treasure that belongs to the 17th Century Scottish pirate William Kidd.

A 50 __________ silver bar was brought to shore on Thursday on the __________ of Sainte Marie.

People have been __________ for Captain Kidd’s treasure for 300 years.

Who was Captain Kidd?

It is __________ that he was born in Scotland in about 1645. He was appointed by the Crown to tackle piracy and capture enemy French __________ but turned to piracy himself.

Later Captain Kidd was captured and brought __________ to London. He was found guilty of piracy and the __________ of one of his crewmen and sentenced to death.

Legend has it that Captain Kidd hid much of his __________ and that lead to many treasure hunts around the __________. They also say that he inspired author Robert Louis Stevenson __________ writing Treasure __________.



Answer the questions:

1. Explorers think they found:
2. The treasure belongs to:
3. They found:
4. People have been looking for this treasure for:
5. Captain Kidd was born in:
6. Captain Kidd was appointed by the Crown to:
7. When Captain Kidd was captured:
8. Legend has it that:
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