Advanced English Listening practice and Quiz - Why do we laugh - download free files

Advanced English Listening practice and Quiz - Why do we laugh - download free files

Why Do We laugh? Advanced English Listening Practice and Quiz

This is an advanced English listening practice, which can help you improve your English listening skills. You can work on the tasks online, or download the files to work offline. To move quickly to the next blank space, press the Tab button.




2. Important English vocabulary in the text above.

  • custom: a habitual or religious practice
  • to have sth in common: to share; to be alike
  • absurd: ridiculous, unreasonable
  • contagious: transmissible by direct or indirect contact
  • to demonstrate: to show, to present
  • undermine: to weaken or impair
  • authority: power (legal, judicial, etc.)
  • to overthrow: to overturn
  • state: the government of a country
  • beneficial: helpful, useful or good
  • blood pressure: the pressure of the blood on the inner walls of the arteries
  • to relieve (pain, stress): to free from
  • immune system: the body system of organs, and cells, that neutralizes the effects of bad organisms or substances.
  • to calculate: to make an estimate, evaluate
  • equivalent: the same as

3. Answer the questions below.

1. What are people in the world separated by?
2. Why do children aged 5-6 laugh most?
3. Why is laughter feared by some?
4. What makes laughter the best medicine?
5. What would be the same as laughing one hundred times?


This lesson has been inspired by this video on YouTube.

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