easy english text for beginners - easy exercises

easy english text for beginners - easy exercises

The Only Camera that came back from the Moon Sold for $758,489

1. Read the text and do the exercises below.

There is only one camera that was to the moon and made it back, and it just got auctioned for almost $760,000. The camera was on the Apollo 15 mission, 1971. The reason why no other cameras were brought back is that they were left behind to make space for mineral samples from the moon.
A 70-millimeter Hasselblad Electric Data Camera (EDC) is said to have been used by astronaut James Irwin, as identified by the registration number “38” on a small plate found inside the camera.
The happy new owner of the insanely expensive camera is Terukazu Fujisawa, a Japanese businessman, and apparently he was bidding over the phone. Before the bid the camera was estimated to sell for $200,000 to $270,000.

2. Mark the statements T for true, and F for false:

  1. Only one camera made it back from the moon.
  2. The Apollo 13 mission was in 1971.
  3. A Japanese businessman bought the camera for $200,000.
  4. The number 38, found inside the camera is a proof it is authentic.
  5. The expensive camera was used by James Irwin, an astronaut.
  6. The other cameras were left on the moon.

3. Match the word with its definition.

  • mineral – to record, to be enrolled
  • bid – piece that represents the whole
  • sample – obviously
  • apparently – a flat piece of metal
  • insane – crazy, wild, absurd
  • estimate – to calculate approximately
  • plate – a naturally occurring solid substance
  • register – a price offer

4. Put the Sentences in Order.

  1. an/ was/ camera/ sold/$760,000/ for/ almost/ astronaut’s/
  2. the/ Apollo 15/ was/ on/ the/ to the moon/ mission/ camera/
  3. a/ businessman/ on the phone/ was bidding/ Japanese/
  4. the/ is/ expensive/ amazingly/ camera/
  5. other/ the/ cameras/ left/ all/ behind/ were/
  6. a/ with/ plate/ 38/ number/ camera/ in the/ was found/

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