easy english lesson for beginners and easy english quiz

easy english lesson for beginners and easy english quiz

In The News – Babies Given Away On TV

Easy English Reading and Quiz

Read The Text and Take the Quiz Below

Last month, a popular TV show in Pakistan gave away two babies for adoption on air. Two little girls
were found on the dumpster, where perhaps poor parents had left them. Luckily, they were found and
saved and later on given to families for adoption on TV. The adoptive mothers and fathers were
extremely happy. However, other people, as well as child welfare organizations were disturbed by the
fact that children are given away on TV the same way laptops and cars are.
Televisions in Pakistan the last few years are using every strategy possible to boost ratings. There have been reality shows where couples have been stalked in the park, or a person has bled to death on air.

Important words to remember:

  • adoption: taking a child into one’s family and raising him/ her
  • dumpster: where all the garbage is put
  • welfare: support, usually from the state
  • strategy: a plan for success
  • boost: to raise, to increase
  • stalk: to follow somebody
  • rating: the measure of popularity of a TV programme
  • bleed: to lose blood

Time For a Test!

1. The text talks about a TV show in which:
2. According to the text:
3. According to other people and child organizations:
4. The parents who adopted the children:
5. The TV show decided to allow parents to adopt children on TV, because:
6. ''dumpster'' means:
7. ''to stalk'' means:
8. ''to boost'' means.

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