Easy English Listening Practice - Pinocchio 2

Easy English Listening Practice - Pinocchio 2


Easy listening exercise for beginners


Description: This is an easy English listening comprehension/ fill in the blanks exercise, which you can either do online or download as .doc file to work on your computer. Also available for download are the audio file (.mp3) as well as the Answer Sheet (including quiz questions).
Topic: Pinocchio, Stories
Check out part 1 here


3. Answer the questions:

1. In the beginning Mastro Cherry thought:
2. To see if someone was hidden in the wood, Mastro Cherry began:
3. He listened for 15 minutes but he heard nothing:
4. When he heard nothing he said that
5. When he started to work again, he heard the voice, but this time:
6. What did the tiny little voice say?
7. Mastro Cherry fell to the floor because:
8. What color did Mastro Cherry's nose turn to?
Resources: Free ebooks by Project Gutenberg; Free Audio Books

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