easy English listening for beginner learners - Pinocchio

easy English listening for beginner learners - Pinocchio


Easy listening exercise for beginners


Description: This is an easy English listening comprehension/ fill in the blanks exercise, which you can either do online or download as .doc file to work on your computer. Also available for download are the audio file (.mp3) as well as the Answer Sheet (including quiz questions).
Topic: Pinocchio, Stories
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2. Read vocabulary explanations:

  • log – a piece of wood
  • commonstandard
  • carpenter – e person who makes things out of wood
  • blow (here) – a hit
  • for (here) – because
  • ripe (of fruit) – ready to eat
  • wee – small, little
  • still – quiet, not moving; again
  • frightened – scared, afraid
  • bench – a long seat for several people (usually in parks)
  • closet – a big wardrobe you can walk into

3. Answer the questions:

1. What is a log?
2. You put a log in the fireplace:
3. Mastro Antonio was called Mastro Cherry because:
4. When Mastro Cherry saw the piece of wood:
5. Mastro Cherry decided to make:
6. When Mastro Cherry started to work on the piece of wood:
7. What did the little voice say?
8. Mastro Cherry started to look around to see who said the words:
Resources: Free ebooks by Project Gutenberg

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