Easy English Listening Exercise - Turtle Cause fire

Easy English  Listening Exercise - Turtle Cause fire

  • Instructions
  • Copy the text below and paste it in a text-editing program (Microsoft Word/ Open office, etc.).
  • Play the audio and fill in the blanks in the text you have pasted in the text-editing program.
  • Answer the questions in the test below.
  • Download the Answer Sheet

Easy English Listening and Quiz – Turtles Cause Fire in a House

A pair of turtles caused a ________ in an expensive house by knocking over a heating ________.

Dinky and Toby were saved from the ________ by firefighters who needed breathing masks.
Firefighter Pete White ________: “The whole house was full of ________ and there was a big fire in the ________.” We have ________ had to deal with turtles before.”

“I went back to see them and the ________ have taken them to the vets and ________ that they are all ________.”

The owners told ________ that Toby has been in the ________ since the 1950s and they have had Dinky for more than 25 ________.

They are afraid that the ________ of repairing the rooms will run into thousands of pounds.

Mr White added: “Residents are reminded to make sure that ________ alarms in the house work ________ at all times.”


Answer the questions:


1. A pair of turtles caused:
2. Dinky and Toby are:
3. The firefighter said that:
4. The firefighters:
5. When the firefighter went back to see the turtles and their owners:
6. Toby has been in the family
7. The owners have had Dinky for:
8. The owners are afraid that the repairs will cost them:
9. Firefighters remind residents that:

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