learn english with listening exercises - advanced english listening practice and q

learn English with listening exercises - advanced English listening practice and quiz


Improve your English with listening exercises

Advanced English Listening Practice: Smart Keyboards (High-Tech)

Description: This is an advanced English listening comprehension/ fill in the blanks exercise, which you can either do online or download as .doc file to work on your computer. Also available for download are the audio file (.mp3) as well as the Answer Sheet (including quiz questions).
Topic: Technology, development and discoveries


2. Answer the questions:

1. To control our gadgets, we use:
2. An intelligent keyboard has been developed by:
3. The smart keyboard can:
4. According to scientists:
5. The discovery of how uniquely people type:
6. The smart keyboard has a fantastic feature:
7. What’s the smart keyboard made of?
8. The best thing about this smart keyboard is that:
Resources: Scientific American

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