advanced english listening comprehension audio and test

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Test

The Club-winged manakin – a bird that sings with it’s wings?

The following audio file and test is suitable for advanced English learners. If you would like to watch the original video, you can do it Here
Listen to the audio file and complete the test below.

Important vocabulary:

  • cloud forest: subtropical, tropical forest with frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover
  • to court (verb)- (of animals) to attempt to attract  a mate
  • to vibrate (verb) – to move to and fro or up and down quickly and repeatedly – vibration (noun)
  • frequency – rate of occurrence, how often something is happening

Time for a Test!

Choose the correct answer!
1. A new study from Cornell University claims they found:
2. The Club-winged manakin
3. Kimberly Bostwick reports that:
4. The Club-winged manakin vibrates it's wings:
5. The Club-winged manakin
6. The Club-winged manakin feathers vibrate at:
7. To monitor the birds vibrations, the team used:
8. Bostwick believes that:

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