Advanced English Listening Comprehension Improve your english wiith advanced English Listening Exercises

Advanced English Listening Comprehension Improve your English with advanced English Listening Exercises



  • Instructions
  • Copy the text below and paste it in a text-editing program (Microsoft Word/ Open office, etc.).
  • Play the audio and fill in the blanks in the text you have pasted in the text-editing program.
  • Answer the questions in the test below.
  • Download the Answer Sheet (Quiz questions included.)

Advanced English Listening Comprehension and Quiz

The Human Mind – Vision and Hearing

1. Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

Conventional __________ once had it that each brain region is responsible for a specific ___________. And so we have the motor cortex for handling __________, and the visual cortex, for processing __________. And scientists thought that such regions remained fixed for those tasks beyond the age of ______.

But within the past ________ researchers have realized that some brain regions can pinch hit for other regions, for example, _______ a damaging stroke.

And now new research ________ that the visual cortex is constantly doing double duty—it has a role in processing not just sight, but ________. When we hear, we see a siren.

In the study, scientists scanned the brains of blindfolded participants as the subjects listened to three sounds.
And the scientists could tell what specific sounds the ________ were hearing just by analyzing the brain activity in the visual cortex.

The next _______ is to determine why the visual cortex is horning in on the audio action. The researchers think the additional role conferred an evolutionary advantage: having a visual system primed by sound to see the source of that sound could have given ________ an extra step in the race for _______.


2. Important English vocabulary in the text:

based on what is generally done or believed. (traditional)
pinch hit
to act as a substitute for someone, especially in an emergency.
(pl. cortices) the outer region of an organ or structure
someone who takes part in something
to confer
(here) to give something as a gift, or favor
to prime
(here) prepared, supported
blindfolded someone who has their eyes covered, so that they cannot see
to horn in to interfere
In the text “conventional wisdom had it” means “according to conventional wisdom” as in the expression “rumor has it that…” (according to rumor)

3. Answer the questions:

1. According to conventional wisdom:
2. How many brain regions does the brain have:
3. Brain regions can pinch hit for other regions, which means that:
4. The visual cortex has a role in processing:
5. Scientists scanned the brains of blindfolded participants, and it means that:
6. How many participants were there?
7. What sounds did the participants listen to?
8. Scientists could tell what specific sounds the people were hearing:


Resources: Scientific American

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